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WinTUBE™ Computer Program/FEA Model

H-SCAN and DNVColumbus, Inc. have jointly developed WinTUBE™ – a custom software program for the remaining life prediction of reformer tubes. The program predicts local material damage related to:

  • Internal Pressure
  • Operating Temp
  • Creep Stresses
  • Thermal Stress Gradient
  • Cyclic Operaction

It is unique in that it contains material properties (creep deformation and creep damage relations) for HK 40, HP 50, HP Modified, and HP Micro Alloy.

The program computes stresses caused by pressure, thermal and axial loading using the elastic-creep finite element analysis (FEA).

To correctly predict remaining tube life, it is important to accurately asses the current condition of the tubes. This problem has been solved by the ‘H’-Scan Approach for Nondestructive Examination.

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