Guided Wave Testing

HSI’s industry-leading GWT program is built on the bedrock of a strong internal training program that is then supplemented by the equipment manufacturer’s approved training and certification processes. Ongoing training of field technicians on most recent best practices and method capabilities ensures that we continue to provide services that are tailored to specific client needs and address the challenges that are faced in the field. Appropriate equipment selection and application-specific work instructions together with a stringent internal Quality Control process all play key roles in the delivery of our service.

HSI personnel have extensive experience setting up large scale GWT programs for Major Oil and Gas Upstream Operations encompassing program documentation and procedures in addition to protocols for follow-up of anomalies that are identified. In addition, HSI has set up and executed GWT programs for several midstream and downstream entities encompassing such applications as Road Crossing surveys, MIC surveys, CUI surveys and end-to-end inspections of plant and transmission piping.

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